May 5, 2017

Minnesota Shutdown and the DMV

“When Governor Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders could not agree on a two year budget plan the result was the shutdown of Minnesota government. The thought of government shutdown strikes fear in the minds of many, and when agreements can not be made after days, and even weeks, it seems that everything becomes affected in one way or another.

Many questions arise during times such as these, such as which programs will continue, which will be halted, and how are those two issues decided. In the case of the Minnesota shutdown it was decided that only critical core functions and maintenance of state operated facilities, such as correction facilities, nursing homes, and veteran’s homes would continue unaffected. Maintenance of public health, Internet security, and issuance of payments also are among the listed core functions.

So many questions arise in such times. It is oftentimes hard to know if certain areas will be affected and it is imperative for residents to be informed during a time of a government shutdown, if one should occur.

While many areas are actually completely shutdown, some Driver and Vehicle Services are still available. The reason some services are available while others are not is because the same system used by police to access data on drivers is also used by the DVS. Services that area available to residents are license renewal and registration tabs. With that being said, if you do renew your driver’s license during the time of the shutdown, you will only be given the paperwork stating that you have renewed. You will not be able to obtain your printed photo identification until after the shutdown has ended. Other services that can still be completed during the shutdown are passport services, marriage licenses, and any birth and death transactions.

Other licenses handled by the Department of Natural Resources will not be able to provide any licenses during the shutdown. This is unfortunate because the need for these licenses is greater now than any other time of year. Licenses for boats, ATVs, off-road vehicles, game, and fishing licenses can not be obtained as long as the shutdown is in effect.

Minnesotans are feeling the effects of this government shutdown in almost every aspect of daily living. We, as a country, can only sit by and hope for our fellow Americans living through this tough time that a resolution will come quickly.”

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